Linus is the owner of a New York bookstore in danger of closing down.


Linus owns and manages a bookstore catering mostly to gay literature. Will mentions that prior to coming out, he used to secretly go into the store. Jack also mentions having gone to the bookstore before. Linus has a deceased husband, Johnny, who is implied to have had a previous sexual encounter with Jack at the bookstore.

The Newlydreads

Because of rent, Linus' bookstore is now in peril of being closed in favor of a new upscale gym so Will and Jack hold a fundraiser in an effort to save the bookstore. After finding out that the proceeds only cover one month and they have to do a fundraiser every month, Will and Jack decide they would rather have the gym.[1]


  • Linus is played by veteran actor Roscoe Lee Browne, who is also openly gay.
  • He is a fan of the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.


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