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Lila is Grace and Leo's daughter who appears in Karen's drug induced dream in the show's then 'finale'. She appears as a baby in the flash-forward in 2008 and as a college student in 2026.


Lila was born in Rome, Italy after her parents got remarried. Her name may have been a variation of Lily, which is the name Grace was planning to give her first daughter after her great-grandmother and her favorite flower.[1]

In a flash-forward scene in the series finale, she is shown as a college freshman who meets Ben, Will and Vince's son to whom she later becomes engaged.[2] Their meeting parallels the relationship between Will and Grace, who also had dorms across the hall from each other.

In "11 Years Later", Karen wakes up from a drug induced dream and asks "What happened to the kids you had that grew up and married each other?" Will looks confused and confirms he and Grace have no children.


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