Leo Unwrapped is the 20th episode of the fifth season and 112th overall.


Will wants to surprise Grace for her birthday, so he arranges for Leo to be flown in from Africa. Leo arrives and is immediately placed on house arrest by Will, refusing to allow him to leave his apartment while awaiting the actual birthday. Tension immediately arises between the two men, who rather prove to be incompatible roommates due to Will's finicky nature so Leo sneaks out and goes to his and Grace's apartment in Brooklyn.

Not wanting her to see Leo and ruin the surprise, Grace is kidnapped by Jack and Karen and taken to a nearby arcade. Jack and Karen prove to be inattentive captors however, and Grace soon bumps into Leo. The two make the most of their meeting but Grace is dismayed that Will's surprise for her is ruined and agrees to pretend that she doesn't know anything.

Leo later lets it slip that Grace already knows. Will is touched by Grace's willingness to play along, and pretends to not know that she knows. When Grace is opening her presents, she is presented with an empty hallway. Will and Grace are confused as to where Leo has gone, but become momentarily sidetracked at the revelation of each other's sweet gestures.

However, in a turn of events, Jack and Karen, wanting there to be an authentic surprise, had kidnapped Leo, "drove him out of town and dumped him in a ditch". Grace is momentarily touched, and the four share a group hug, before realizing they have to find Leo.





  • Grace dances to "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters on the Dance Dance Revolution. Jack dances to "Holiday" by Madonna.

Cultural References

  • Will buys Xanadu on DVD (which is later taken by Mr. Zamir)


Karen:[EATING] Mm. Mm, mm, mm.
Jack:[EATING] Mm. Mm, mm, mm.
Will:It's nice to not have anything in your head, isn't it?
at Cafe Jacques'
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