Kiss and Tell is the 24th episode of the seventh season, and the 170th overall.


After his first day, Will becomes suspicious of his new job -- especially when he finds himself in an empty office with no co-workers, a German shepherd and a Russian-speaking thug. When Will confronts his new boss Malcolm, he discovers a startling secret about an old friend. Meanwhile, Grace quits the hotel design job when Tom can no longer hide his feelings for her. At OutTV, Jack has been promoted to host of his own show, "Jack Talk," and is reveling in his newfound celebrity until the network tells him to split the spotlight with his new co-host - Karen.





  • Dmitri Boudrine also played a Russian man in the episode "24".
  • Jack begins new career as host of Jack Talk.


Easy, Elizabeth! You're putting makeup on a star, not suntan lotion on some slut during spring break! Jackto Dave

Will:I was just admiring the photograph. Is that your family?
Malcolm:No, it came with the frame.
Will:But you're in the picture.
Malcolm:Yeah, I used to be a model.
, Kiss and Tell
Macolm:If you leave, Will, what will happen to the kids?
Will:The kids have $85 million in a Swiss bank account. The kids are fine!
Will confronting Malcolm
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