Kim is a friend of Leo Markus who dates Will.


Compared to Will, Kim is shorter (around 5′ 3″ tall). He is shown to be active and enjoys outdoor sports that Grace and Will compares him to a machine or a "wind-up toy".

It's the Gay Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

For Halloween, Leo fixes Kim up with Will for a double date biking in the Catskills. Will is initially uninterested in Kim due to his diminutive stature, although Jack refers to him as "a pocket gay", the "perfect travel-sized homosexual" and says that "in ten years, they'll be making them all that way."

During the trip Kim is cheery and upbeat, undeterred by Will's cantankerous nature and even gives him a foot rub after he suffers a biking accident.

In the closing credits of the episode, Will and Kim are implied to have slept together.

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