Kevin Bacon is an American actor whom Jack stalks.


While interviewing applicants to be his assistant, Kevin Bacon unknowingly hires Jack, who was hiding in his apartment to stalk him. Kevin assigns Jack to find out who his stalker is and Jack falsely tells him it is Will.

Kevin shares that he wants to hang out with Will because when his stalkers leave, it is a sign that his career is slipping. Will consoles him saying he liked his performance in Footloose, and learned the dance for his high school talent contest. Kevin claps twice and Kenny Loggins' Footloose played as they dance.[1]

In the finale, Kevin appears briefly as Jack's new husband. He mentions getting his Kyra Forever tattoo lasered off.[2]


  • When Kevin Bacon explains how he knew Val Kilmer, he refers being in a movie with Tom Cruise (A Few Good Men), who in turn was in a movie with Val (Top Gun). This is a reference to the parlour game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where actors are measured by their collaborative distance from Kevin Bacon.


It might be better to kinda find out what you know about me. I'm sorry, that sounds vain... me and my career. Interviewing applicantsBacon and Eggs

I've never had so much clarity in my life. To love somebody, truly and forever, until God takes us. Either from old age or erotic asphyxiation. On marrying JackThe Finale

When the stalkers leave, it's the first sign that your career is slipping. The second is guest starring on Will & Grace. — Season 5 Gag Reel


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