Julius is Bobbi Adler's pianist and a close friend of the Adler family.


Julius is first introduced during a flashback in 1985 where Will meets Grace's family[1]. Most of the time, he is seen playing the piano accompanying Bobbi Adler's singing.

Julius is implied to be gay, and he is one of the first people to sense that Will is gay as well; although he mentions that he has been engaged twice. Bobbi has also wondered "why some woman has never snatched him up."

In the present, during Grace's family's Thanksgiving, she and Bobbi are fighting about Bobbi being right about Nathan not being right for her leading to their subsequent breakup. Grace asks Julius for help, as he's standing directly between them. He replies that he never gets between a woman and her mother, and that he made that mistake with his first wife, meaning that he has been married to at least two women.



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