Julie is Grace and Leo's neighbor who lives in the same building in Brooklyn.


Julie lives in Brooklyn with her actor husband in an apartment that belonged to her uncle who had died, though they have not told the super. She welcomes Grace to the building by helping her unpack while Leo is away.

Julie works as a masseuse, and during her initial meeting with Grace, offers her a free massage. However, Grace voices out that she felt touched in inappropriate places. Julie reasoned out that it is because she massages "where the tension is."

Grace invites Julie over for a girl's night with Karen, Ellen and Rosario. After Grace gets upset over Leo's absence, Julie advises her not to confront Leo about her feelings and let men figure out themselves when their wives hate them.


  • She has a pet cat.
  • Most of her scenes were deleted from Women and Children First. They included scenes with Ellen and Rosario.


We talk. We kiss. We hug. We get to be intimate. It's what makes us better than men. Why do you think they die first? Fagmalion Part One: Gay It Forward

You never tell guys what you're feeling. Let them figure it out on their own that you hate them. Women and Children First

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