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Josh is Grace's boyfriend in the second and third seasons. He is shown to be a follower of the New Age movement and lives a spiritual and unconventional lifestyle.


Josh is a deeply sensitive and poetic guy that Karen has referred to him as "The Talented Mr. Wimply", with a tendency to give worthless trinkets he finds as a gift to Grace. He mentions attending stress management courses and taking herbal antidepressant St. John's Wort.[1]

Grace, turned off by his sentimentality and lack of decisiveness, tries to break it off by telling him that she's in love with Will.[2] Taking Karen's advice, she also withholds sex in attempt to change his behavior. Josh does briefly become more assertive, standing up to her and saying he's "not going to change for anyone".[1] For a short time, Josh and Grace embark in an open relationship, with Grace openly dating Ben Doucette, and Josh dating another woman named Ocean.[3]

He last appears in New Will City, when Grace is attempting to choose between him and Ben. Upon returning from vacation, Will advises her to choose Josh, but it is ultimately revealed that Jack slept with Josh, prompting Will to say, "I can't believe you ended up with another gay guy!" [4]


  • In accordance to his New Age beliefs, Josh is knowledgeable in alternative medicine, Prāṇāyāma, and is an environmentalist. He drives an electric car.


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