Jordan "Jordy" Truman (stage name Jordan St. James) is Sam Truman's son and nephew to Will and Paul.


Jordan is flamboyant, enjoying show tunes (including Rent and Fiddler on the Roof) and performing. In A Little Christmas Queer, he performs a Christmas-themed rendition of "All That Jazz". [1] At George's funeral, he is referenced as having sung "Sunrise Sunset". [2]

He also has a penchant for old movies and TV, referencing his mourning process as "very Valley of the Dolls". It also mentioned that he watched a marathon of Bewitched. [2]

He also has a tendency to comfort eat when sad, drawing parallels between him and Will when he was a child. In 2005, Jordy attends the Christmas dinner with the rest of the family. He arrives and tells his Uncle Jack that he has thought of a name for his fragrance, "Scoundrel" after which Grace confirms that Jordy is gay.


  • He uses hair dye.
  • His last memory of George is when they re-enacted the movie A League of Their Own. (George was Tom Hanks, Jordy was everyone else.)
  • He once went as Lynda Carter for Halloween.


Jordy:Guess what! I invented a new cologne. It's called Scoundrel.
Jack:Uh, Scoundrel is Joan Collins' fragrance.
Jordy:Darn it! That woman is always one step ahead of me.
A Little Christmas Queer


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