Jack's apartment is apartment 9A located on the 9th floor of 155 Riverside Drive in the Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York in front of Will's apartment.


Grace Adler originally rents the place at the start of the second season after moving out of Will's apartment across the hall while Jack moves in with Will after his divorce from Rosario. During Grace's stay at the apartment, her friends have noted that it smelled like cat pee[1], and bologna and mulch.[2]

During the third season, someone tries to break into Grace's apartment and she spends even more time at Will and Jack's apartment. After living with two other people proves to be too much of a burden for Will, he asks Grace to move back in again and Jack take Grace's apartment.


Jack macfarland s apartment from will and grace by nikneuk-d5jfk8j

Art by Iñaki Lizarralde

Jack's apartment is visibly smaller than Will's, with no separate room other than the bathroom. During the second season, Grace finds out it does not have a working fireplace.


  • Bathroom
  • Kitchenette
  • Living room/bedroom


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  2. Fear and Clothing
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