Ice Cream Balls is the 13th episode of the sixth season and 135th overall.

The episode features the cast pairing off into two story lines: Will bribes Jack to go out with his new client Stuart Lamarack; Karen and Grace go to Leo's cabin in the woods and find a hefty amount of money under the bed.


Jack and Stuart

Will's firm assigns him to a new client, Stuart Lamarack who is trying to sell his company. During their meeting, Jack barges in and Stuart is immediately smitten by him that he asks Will to set them up. Jack is reluctant but Will gives him all the change in his pocket (74 cents) and a Chapstick so he agrees to go on a date. The next day Stuart and Jack have become really close that Stuart wanted him to stay in during his meeting with Will. Jack, who admittedly gets carried away when included, keeps on interrupting the meeting and even persuades Stuart to reject an offer on his company. Will becomes annoyed and blurts out to Stuart that he only bribed Jack to go out with him. Stuart abruptly leaves and does not return Jack's phone calls.

After seeing Jack cry while eating ice cream, Will realizes that Jack and Stuart really are in love so he fixes them up one more time so Jack can say his apology. Stuart forgives him and the two start dating again.

Cabin in the woods

Karen accompanies Grace into Leo's cabin in Vermont to fix his frozen pipes. As they go to sleep on the bed, they find money hidden under the bed amounting to at least $42,500. Grace becomes indignant and mad at her husband for hiding a large amount of money from her that the next day, they spend it all on ridiculous things including 45 pairs of Ralph Lauren irregular jeans, $3,000 worth of apple butter, Japanese silverware and ice cream.

Just as Grace is lamenting how disappointed she is and how her marriage may be in trouble, an old couple comes in the cabin and asks Karen and Grace what are they doing at their house. It turns out Leo's cabin is next door and they have spent the old couple's life savings.




Cultural references

  • Lord of the Rings
  • Baskin Robins
  • Vermont


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