I Do. Oh, No, You Di-in't is the two-part 23rd episode of the sixth season and 139th overall. Debra Messing, who had just given birth to her son is absent in this episode, though her character is referred to several times.

Karen and Lyle get married in Vegas with all of her friends (except Grace) present. Jennifer Lopez makes an appearance as her wedding singer.


Karen and Lyle head to Las Vegas for their elopement, accompanied by Will and Jack. (Grace being noticeably absent because she is "designing a sex room for a member of The View"). It soon becomes apparent that there are disagreements between the couple about the nature of their wedding and marriage (including Lyle's insistence on serving light beer and having Karen take his last name, and Karen wanting to walk down the aisle to "Smack My Bitch Up" instead of the wedding march.)

Karen encounters Jennifer Lopez in the bathroom, and requests she sings at their wedding, which she accepts due to her ties with Rosario.


"Oh, I'm sorry. You know, you see a white girl in a bathroom, you just assume."

Leo arrives in Las Vegas, and Will is confused by his hostility, and even more so when he shows up at the wedding drunk and refuses to return to New York to see Grace. Upon interrogation by Will, Leo admits to kissing another woman in Cambodia.

Meanwhile, one of Jennifer Lopez's back-dancers is injured when slipping on a shrimp cocktail. Needing a last minute replacement, she recruits Jack. After the performance she asks him to accompany her on her tour, which he excitedly accepts.

Will convinces Leo to call Grace and tell her about kissing another woman, and when he does, Grace is referenced as having told him she "never wants to see him again". Will is confused by Grace's reaction, before Leo informs him that he actually slept with someone else. Will is angered by the revelation of Leo's adultery, telling him "You're on your own."

Karen and Lyle are married, but during the reception, she realizes she does not want to compromise her identity and lifestyle to be with Lyle, and announces during her speech that she wants a divorce.





  • Considered as a one-hour season finale, it aired in syndication as two parts as "I Do (Part 1)" and "Oh, No, You Di-in't (Part 2)".
  • Debra Messing does not appear in this episode, although she is still credited.
  • Jennifer Lopez performs a remixed version of her 1999 single Waiting for Tonight at the wedding reception. She later invites Jack to tour with her as a backup dancer.
  • Production services, facilities and hotel accommodations were furnished by The Ceasar's Palace. Ceasar's Palace president Mark Juliano appears as himself.

Cultural References

  • Will is referenced as being a fan of Jennifer Lopez and ER.
  • Jennifer Lopez is a fan of Psychic Detectives.
  • In the bathroom, Karen sings the chorus of "A Wonderful Guy" from South Pacific.
  • Jennifer Lopez explains thinking Karen was a bathroom attendant because she was "white", a tongue-in-cheek joke switching the Latina stereotype of being a help.
  • While giving advice on marriage, Jennifer Lopez pokes fun at her then-recent breakup with Ben Affleck in 2004. She was married twice prior to becoming engaged to Affleck hence the quip, "ah who am I kidding?".



Ladies and Gentlemen, if you look off the right side of the plane, you can see the mighty Mississippi, celebrated in literature and song. And off the left side, you can see-- Bloody hell, another plane. Hang on, everyone! Lyleflying the plane

I have a big surprise for Grace and Leo when they get here. I upgraded their room. And I sent champagne and had them sprinkle rose petals on their bed. Well, they didn't have rose petals, so French fries. I figured that would get Grace into bed faster. Will

I'm dying to go gambling. You know, I got 112,000 in Cambodia money. That's almost four bucks of fun. Leo Markus

Marion:Oh, Lyle, too bad our father isn't alive to see this.
Lyle:He isn't?
Marion:Oh, damn, I knew there was something I was supposed to tell you.
at the wedding
Karen:I want you to walk into that chapel, get down on your hands and knees with some Endust and a shammy and makes those floors shine.
Rosario:You said I was your bridesmaid.
Karen:No. I said you're the bride's maid. Now get!
at the chapel
Will:Are you drunk?!
Leo:Little bit.
Will:What's the matter with you? Karen's gonna be drunk. You don't pull focus from the bride.
at the wedding

Thank you. And congratulations, Karen and Lyle. And just remember, the secret to a happy marriage is... Ah, who am I kidding? Thank you. Good night. Jennifer Lopez

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