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Hey La, Hey La, My Ex-Boyfriend's Back is the 16th episode of the second season and the 38th overall.

Will finds out that his ex-boyfriend Michael has asked Grace for help decorating and Karen decides to be more hands on.


After helping Grace with her groceries, Will and Jack accidentally hear Will's ex-boyfriend Michael leave a message on her answering machine. Grace is forced to admit that Michael has asked her to decorate his new townhouse in Manhattan. Knowing Grace is interested in doing the design, Will tells her he is okay with her taking the job as she and Michael were friends, too. Grace accepts the job and Karen, who had been feeling purposeless compared to her philanthropist friends, is tasked to do one chair for Michael's apartment.

While doing the planning in Grace's apartment, Michael runs into Will and the two exchange pleasantries. Will deduces that Michael is interested in rekindling their relationship.

With his feelings suddenly resurfacing, Will goes to Michael's apartment to talk to him. However, he is devastated to find out Michael is actually moving in with his new boyfriend, whom he met two months after his break up with Will. Embarrassed, Will leaves immediately.

Will feels betrayed and blames Grace for not telling him about Michael and his new boyfriend sooner. Later in their apartment, Will sulks as he wonders how easy it was for Michael to get over him after seven years together. Grace comforts him by telling him he is not easy to get over, remembering the time the two of them dated.





  • First appearance of Michael after previously being mentioned in earlier episodes. He reappears again during the season 9 episode The Beefcake & the Cake Beef but is played by a different actor.
  • This episode is named for The Angels song, "Hey La, Hey La, My Boyfriend's Back" which Will and Jack sing together when they believe Michael wants to rekindle his relationship with Will.
  • Will's obsession with cleanliness is referenced again in the episode Dolls and Dolls when Grace crumbles a cookie in front of Will to see if he gets angry.

Cultural references

  • Karen mentions spending time with her friends Paloma, Marlo, and Mr. Blackwell, referring to fellow New York socialites Marlo Thomas and Mr. Blackwell.
  • Grace mentions that Will might be pining over Michael while listening to "I can't live if living is without you", referring to Without You originally sung by Badfinger (1970).



Karen:I'm 32 years old and what have I done with my life?
Grace:Well, for one thing, misplaced the better part of a decade.

I've come to a decision: I'm going to decorate Michael's place. I mean, he's gay, how hard could it be? Chrome, black leather, a shower for six. Done! Karen

Jack:I can't pee in public bathrooms.
Will:Why not? You do everything else in them.
Jack:If what's holding you back is your attraction to me, I just want you to know it will never happen, okay? Let that free you to pursue other, lesser men.
Will:Oh, Jack... There are no lesser men than you.
Jack:Thank you.

New York movers for you. They move it, and they judge it. Will

Karen:My head is spinning and not in a good way.
Grace:Okay, Karen, calm down, calm down. Let's try a little experiment we did during my first year at the Fashion Institute.
Karen:Okay, one kiss and then back to work.

Does your jaw unhinge when you capture prey? Graceseeing Karen's attitude at home

Will:How could you not tell me something like that?
Grace:I was trying to protect you.
Will:Oh. Nice. Nice job of protection, Grace. If you were a condom, I'd be pregnant now!
Jack:You need to find some way to put this behind you. People get over people. I've had to get over a lot of people. It's hard.
Jack:Jack, I had a 7-year relationship. You had a restraining order from the U.S. Gymnastic team.

I keep thinking I'm over this guy, and then it turns out I'm not, and I get pain. It's obviously the same pathology that keeps me going back to see Kevin Costner movies. Willadmitting his feelings remain for Michael