Heart Like a Wheelchair is the sixth episode of the sixth season and the 128th overall.


L. Finster

Karen continues her lifelong quest to hunt down hubby-stealing Lorraine tracking her to a room at the Knickerbocker hotel only to discover occupant to be her father Lyle.

Continuing his new role as caretaker for a disabled Marilyn, a resentful Will takes his wheelchair-bound mother for an afternoon roll in the park and bumps into an attractive bachelor Tom wheeling an invalid of his own. Using his mother as a reason for a daily rendezvous in the park, Will attempts to build up the courage to ask Tom out.





  • Title is a reference to the 1983 film Heart Like a Wheel.
  • Debra Messing does not appear in this episode due to her pregnancy. To explain her absence, Grace's character left for Cambodia with Leo in the previous episode. This is the first time one of the lead actors has not appeared in an episode.
  • First appearance of Lyle Finster.
  • As Will roughly handles Marilyn in her wheelchair, Karen tells him, "careful, Baby Jane", after the 1962 thriller What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? where the resentful Baby Jane takes care of her wheelchair-bound sister.
  • Marilyn mentions that Ruth (who was 120) was a nurse at the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War. However, the Battle of Gettysburg occurred in 1863, meaning she should have been at least 140 to have been alive then, or at least 153 to be at least 18 years old.
  • Marilyn mentions that Will has a cousin named Kathy.
  • Will and Tom sing a line from Wouldn't It Be Nice (1966) by the Beach Boys.
  • Candice Bergen is mentioned again as one of Karen's rivals. She eventually appears three episodes later in Strangers with Candice.


Open up, Lorraine! And put on a condom! Karen

Tom:I love your wheelchair.
Will:Thank you, I rented it.
Tom:Is that a Roll King 2000?
Marilyn:Well, if the Roll King is the cheapest one made, then yes, it is.
Will:Heh heh. Take a nap, mother.

Our mothers gave us life. They nourished us. They were our dates to the prom. Tom

Karen:You're her father? I can't believe that bitch has a father.
Lyle:Well, the bitch does.
finding about Lorraine and Lyle
Lyle:Perhaps for every kiss you give me, I could give you a piece of information.
Karen:That's outrageous! You must think I'm a common whore!... So do you want my top on or off?
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