Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner is the 1st episode of the second season and 23rd overall.

Grace finally moves out of Will's apartment and into the one across the hall. Jack and Rosario move in together to avoid suspicion from the INS.


Ep 02 01

"I'll tell you everything over breakfast."

True to their decision to not live together anymore, Grace moves out of Will's apartment and into the one across the hall; "eight dysfunctional feet away", as Jack puts it. It turns out to be just a formality as she still comes over Will's apartment for food and to use the shower. After Will confronts her about it, Grace decides to prove her independence by hosting a dinner party without inviting Will.

As her friends Rob and Ellen had expected, the picnic-style party turns out disastrous as Grace is a terrible cook and her apartment has no furniture in the apartment, other than moving boxes she has not unpacked yet.

Following their green card wedding, Jack moves in together with Rosario at Karen's mansion to avoid further suspicion from the INS.





  • Grace moves into apartment 9A, across the hall from Will's apartment. Will and Grace had previously lived across the hall from each other at their college dorm during their freshman year.
  • Karen tells Rosario "Hey, you're on the clock, tamale. Get to work!" After pressure from Latin groups, the offending "tamale" was over-dubbed with "honey" when it premiered on September 21, 1999. A subsequent repeat airing on December 17, 1999 restored the scene. NBC Entertainment president Garth Ancier later said "I think we overreacted the first time." However, on August 3, 2000, "tamale" was substituted with "honey" and the camera angle on Karen was changed so that you couldn't see her mouth.

Cultural References

  • Karen asks "where are Fred and Ethel", a couple from the 50s sitcom I Love Lucy to poke fun at the dress Grace is wearing.
  • Jack impersonates Hungarian actress and socialite Eva Gabor when he exclaims "I just adore a penthouse view!".
  • Rob jokes about being the "Al Pacino of back problems" by parodying the chant from Dog Days Afternoon (1975) where Pacino chanted "Attica! Attica!", instead chanting "Sciatica! Sciatica!". Sciatica is a condition characterized by lower back pain.
  • Karen likens Grace's head with a silver shower cap to a Jiffy Pop popcorn.


Oh, for God's sake, it's just gonna be the four of us! Grab a bottle, hunker down, and pray for daylight! Karen

Jack:I hate it here, Karen. I wanna be in the good part of the house with you.
Karen:Well, that's sweet, Jack, but this is where the help stays.
Jack:But I'm not help.
Karen:Honey, you married help? You're help.
Moving into the maids' quarters
Jack:Will, have you totally forgotten how to speak our language? "Running late" is gay for "I'm blowing you off."
Will:Really. What's gay for "get out"?
Jack:That would be "good morning."
Will:Does this go with this?
Jack:Does "no" go with "way"?
Helping him dress up
Will:I need to speak to you about Rosario.
Jack:Hey, hey, hey. That's Mrs. Jack McFarland to you.
Will:I thought you were Mrs. Jack McFarland.
Jack:And I thought you didn't have love handles. I guess we're both wrong. Ha ha ha!

They're like Siamese twins who are joined at their boring personalities. Karenabout Will and Grace

You are a disgrace to your people. Gracediscussing Will's pathetic dating skills

Will:Sorry to get you up so early, Karen.
Karen:Oh, grow up, honey. I haven't been to bed yet.
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