Grandpa Jack is the 4th episode of the ninth season and 198th overall.

Jack gets more than a surprise visit from a grandson he did not know existed. Karen tells Grace she needs to date again.


Camp Straighten Arrow

Jack gets an unexpected visit from a little boy named Skip, who turns out to be Elliot's son, hence Jack's grandson. While waiting for Elliot and his wife Emma to take him back, Jack finds out that Skip is gay and is in New York to attend a conversion camp and "fix" him so he can be, in Skip's words, normal.

Ep 09 04-1

"Nice costume."

With Will's help, Jack goes to Camp Straighten Arrow to talk to Skip about leaving. Jack runs into Elliot, who is now a conservative Texan sporting a cowboy attire. Though sad at how things turned out between the two of them, Elliot tells his father to just go home. Later, Skip gets a chance to talk to Jack, who explains to him that as hard as things may be right now, they will get better. Finally, he tells Skip, "you are exactly who you're supposed to be."

Later that night, Elliot drops by to tell Jack they are taking Skip home after everything he shared. As the two hug, they agree to rebuild the relationship which they have lost.

Sophia and Jan

After finding Karen harassing Tony, Grace tells her she must stop tormenting the new employee. Karen observes that Grace is jealous because her "snooch" is dead. Later, after Grace finds out Tony is a good singer, he tries to teach her to sing from the diaphragm and she accidentally moans how good it is to be touched by a man again. She realizes that Karen's observation is true and that she must start dating again.





  • The two actors who play the counselors at the conversion camp, Jane Lynch and Andrew Rannells, are openly gay in real life.
  • Jane Lynch is credited as Special Guest Star.
  • This is the second episode to feature conversion therapy for homosexuality. In Girls, Interrupted, Jack and Karen pretend to be a gay couple wanting conversion so he could hit on the director played by another gay actor Neil Patrick Harris.
  • Camp Straighten Arrow is wordplay on the idiom "straight and narrow".

Cultural reference



It's Saturday morning. You should be slinking home with your contacts in a shot glass, scratches on your back, and itches on your front. Karen

If a sitting position could have a lisp, it would be that one. Willon the pajama party position

Jesse Tyler-Ferguson, she is fabulous! Skipabout Karen

Oh my god, it's like you can read the minds of other idiots. Willto Jack

We pray, we pray, we pray the gay away! 'Cause boys like girls and girls like boys and that's what God done say! Roberta and Reggiesinging in camp

Will:Wow, look at you. You're a real Texan now.
Elliot:I am. I drank the Kool-Aid and can no longer separate church and state.
Karen:Honey, don't be so hard on yourself. It was bound to happen.
Grace:Was it?
Karen:Yes, Grace. Crazy things happen when you ignore you hoo-ha.

When you get older, you'll understand that there's the family you were born into and the family that you choose, and the family I chose... well, it doesn't get any better than that. Jack

Skip:It's hard being me sometimes.
Jack:I know, but I'm gonna be there for you as much as I can, and when I'm not, I want you to picture me in your head, looking at you like I am right now, and saying, "You are exactly who you're supposed to be."
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