Grace Adler Designs is Grace's interior design firm in New York which she also uses as her studio and where Karen works as her assistant. The office is located in the Puck Building at 295 Lafayette, south of Houston Street.


In 1998, Grace took advantage of the opportunity of buying her studio space.[1] She eventually knocked out the small front room by the freight elevator where the water cooler was, creating a larger main studio. There is also a swatch room in the back for storage.

During the revival series, the office is seen to have undergone major overhaul most notably the addition of a new room solely for Grace. Her work table is now occupied by her new apprentice Tony.


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List of known employees:


Set Design

Set design is done by production designer Glenda Rovello and set decorator Peter Gurski and set designer Conny Boettger-Marinos.


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