George Truman is the father of Will and his brothers Paul and Sam. He is the husband of Marilyn Truman and is the lover of Tina.


George is generally a responsible man who cares for his family that Will still thinks highly of him even after finding out of his extramarital affair. He cares deeply about not disappointing his children, as seen when he refuses to tell his colleagues that Will is gay in fear that some of them are still small-minded, saying he could not stand the thought of somebody judging his son.[1] Although this is the case, George has seemingly openly accepted Will for who he is and seems supportive of his relationships.

Will remembers his childhood with George with fondness and recalls how he cared for him when he was sick and to support his job as a paper boy. When Will came out of the closet in 1985, George drove a car to a telephone pole in shock[2] but later that night, he hugged Will and told him that "you're my son. That's all I know," showing his support.[3]

Marriage and affair

It was implied early on that Will considers their family as "WASP-dysfunctional", preferring to ignore awkward issues and cares for appearances above anything else. This applied to the case of George's affair with his mistress Tina, whom everyone in the family knew but nobody openly discussed[4]. Will says they use "business trip" as code for his father's affair with his mistress, who is otherwise known as "associate," "colleague," or "client"[5].

During their anniversary celebration in 2002, George and Marilyn decided to separate, after she reveals she's also having an affair. They eventually divorce and George moves in with Tina.[4]

By the eighth season, George and Marilyn would eventually end their affairs and give their marriage another try, which pleases Will. However, in the middle of an argument with Will regarding his old baby blanket, George admits that he wishes his son was not gay. He suffers a heart attack after Will leaves and dies off-screen.[6] This leaves Will devastated realizing his father's last words to him was that he wished Will was not himself.[7]

During Grace's pregnancy, she and Will planned on naming her baby after George to honor him if the baby is a boy.[8]




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