Detective Gavin Hatch is a police officer who lies to Will to spend time with him.


Gavin had recently come out of the closet and was attending gay group therapy which Jack also goes to to pick up guys. Gavin's doctor mentions that his fear of rejection leads him to make up elaborate stories in order to spend time with men he finds attractive. He also finds food stuck in teeth extremely disgusting.

Gavin meets Will after the latter reports his missing laptop at the coffee house. He lies to Will, saying a "gay laptop-theft ring" may have been responsible for his missing laptop and asks him to get involved in the surveillance operation at a gay club. They run into Jack at the club, who tells Will about Gavin.

Back at his apartment, Will sets Gavin up by confessing he is interested in him and then eating cookies which messes his teeth. Will calls him on his made-up lies and tells him he does not need to lie to spend time with guys because he already came out, which Gavin appreciates. Will implies that he is still interested in Gavin but he rejects him after seeing his teeth dirty and leaves.


Will:You're not even gay. Guess I'm barking up the wrong tree.
Gavin:Woof. Woof.
admitting his attractionFagel Attraction

You'd make a hell of a cop-- Perceptive, intelligent. You got a set of eyes like two inviting pools of chocolate pudding. Well, we look for that on the force. Fagel Attraction

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