From Queer to Eternity is the 22nd episode of the seventh season, and the 161st overall.


After a "near-death" experience in a jean boutique, Grace decides to write her will and enlists Will's legal expertise. To make sure she's fair when bequeathing her money, Grace visits Will's mother to find out how much Will plans to leave her and is shocked by what she finds. Thanks to Grace, Will also takes a look at his life and decides it's time to make a life altering career move. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen find an impostor teaching Jack's McFarland Method of acting.





Grace:I wanna do a will
Will:Yeah, well, get in line behind all the other ladies!
after her near death experience
Joanne:Wendell is amazing. You couldn't have named a better successor.
Jack:Well, I never named a successor. And if I had, I wouldn't have named him Wendell.
Jack:This Wendell is teaching the McFarland Method? He's stealing from me! This is identity theft, the most heinous of crimes!
Salesman:Here are your sweaters, Mr. Truman.
Jack:Thank you.
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