Friends and Lover is the 8th episode of the ninth season and 202nd overall. Megan Mullally's real-life husband Nick Offerman guest stars as a love interest to both Will and Grace.

Will and Grace find each other in an unexpected ménage à trois. Jack and Karen are tormented by an evil jingle.


Eskimo sisters

Will and Grace attend a baking class taught by celebrity baker Jackson Boudreaux.

Trucks for Tykes

Jack and Karen innocently sing a jingle for a TV commercial which proves to be so catchy that they are not able to stop singing it for days.





  • Nick Offerman makes his second guest appearance. He previously appeared as the plumber Karen makes out with in the episode Moveable Feast.
  • The song Jack and Karen could not get out of their heads sing "Trucks for Tykes, Trucks for Tykes. Give your truck to Trucks for Tykes. You'll help Tom and Sue and Chuck, so give a darn and give a truck! Vroom!"

Cultural references



I've taken my bra off, it's all over. No way I'm strapping that thing back on again. Grace

Jack:That song's been stuck in my head for days.
Will:Well, sing something different.
Jack:You don't think I didn't think of that? That thing swats away other songs like Lindsay Lohan swats away second chances.
Will:We could still go out. It's early.
Grace:Oh no, once I've taken my bra off it's all over. No way I'm strapping that thing back on again.
Jack:This says pepperoni pizza but there's no pepperoni on it, just crop circles with cheese.
Grace:It came that way!
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