Forbidden Fruit is the 12th episode of the eighth season and 182nd overall.

Grace decides to do volunteer work when a big business opportunity is offered by Will's old boss. Karen gives Jack a tour of her mansion.


Tasteful Bloodbath


"We're like sisters... if one of us hadn't been murdered."

Grace announces that she has volunteered to decorate a nursing home in Brooklyn, after being inspired by the non-profit work Will has been doing with the Coalition for Justice. Afterwards, Grace runs into Margot, Will's boss from his previous work at Doucette and Stein, and she offers Grace a job to redecorate the law firm. Grace consults with Will, who guilts her into choosing to fulfill her volunteer work with the nursing home. Grace, however accepts Margot's offer without telling Will.

When Grace requests Margot not to call her at home as Will might find out, Margot realizes that Will has also been lying to Grace as he is back working for Doucette and Stein. Margot sets the two up so they would meet at the break room in the office to settle their issues. At first ashamed that they both have given up charity for better work, Will eventually admits that corporate law is his passion and Grace admits that old people actually freak her out.

The Forbidden Room

Jack is sick so Karen takes him to her mansion to take care of him. During the tour of the many rooms, Jack's curiosity is piqued when Karen refers to one of the rooms as "The Forbidden Room". After initially refusing to tell what is inside, she tells Jack that it contains her present for his birthday. However, Rosario accidentally reveals that Karen has not bought his present yet. An even more curious Jack tries to forcibly open the room and is able to break the doorknob (the Forbidden Doorknob). Inside, he finds an unused nursery. Karen admits that she had the room made years prior when she thought she was pregnant and that she has not been in it since. Jack deduces that Karen secretly wants to have a baby and comforts her by telling she will be a wonderful mother though she dismisses his words, thinking they are out of pity. Later, Jack suggests that maybe she should keep the room as is just for a little while. Karen smiles and agrees but as they leave, she looks at the room and begins to cry.





  • Title is a reference to the phrase used in the Book of Genesis describing the fruit Adam and Eve are not supposed to eat. It is also a reference to "fruit" used as offensive term for a gay man.
  • Karen's forbidden room is a nursery she built when she thought she was pregnant in the season 1 episode The Unsinkable Mommy Adler.
  • Margot's final appearance.
  • Jack invites Rosario to sit down beside him by uttering "hasta mañana", which actually means "see you tomorrow" in Spanish. In the episode The Hole Truth, Jack asks "que pasta" when he actually means "que pasa" ("what's up?").
  • One of Janis Hirsch's two writing credits, the other is Grace Expectations.

Cultural references



Grace:I realized I haven't done anything charitable since I helped feed the homeless.
Will:You threw Skittles at a whino.
Grace:He ate them, didn't he?

I sick. With the Evian flu. I shared a bottle of Evian with a stranger at the gym. Jack

Hector, I've only got five minutes before I have to get back to the office. I want what I had yesterday. I don't remember what it was, and you weren't working, but I want it anyway. Margot

Wow. So dramatic. The forbidden room. Reminds me of my nickname at camp: Forbidden Fruit. Unless I was in a sleeping bag, then it was Fruit Roll-Up. Jack

Will:I thought you said I inspired you to finally do something charitable with your life?
Grace:Well, you did. And then it went away.

I know I've said this, like, a thousand times, but Grace, you remind me so much of my sister. They never found her killer. Margot

Will:Back to my office. I want it to look masculine.
Grace:Then stay out of it.
designing the firm
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