Flip-Flop: Part One is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season and 137th overall.

Jack helps Zandra sell her place to Will and Grace for their new apartment flipping business as she moves a retirement home. Lorraine comes back just as Karen and Lyle are about to give their relationship another chance.


Flipping Out

Will and Grace begin their new house flipping venture by searching for properties to buy. Jack discovers that his previous acting coach, Zandra, is moving to the actors' retirement village, which means she will be selling her apartment. Jack knows the perfect buyers - Will and Grace.

When Will and Grace arrive to check out Zandra's apartment and make her an offer, Zandra says that her terms for selling are that they maker her an offer that is $2,000 more than what she paid on the place 50 years ago. A total steal.

After the flip, Will and Grace are admiring their work and thinking of the money they will make. Jack brings Zandra by to see her old home "before the cataracts took her sight entirely" and Zandra exclaims that she misses her home and wants it back.

The offers start rolling in for Will and Grace, and Grace begins to have doubts about their "flippers who care" motto. Will convinces her that they are still good people. When Jack arrives with Stuart to berate Will and Grace for being mean to Zandra, Stuart thinks that the apartment would be the perfect place for him and Jack to move in together and raise their family. Jack agrees and forgets all about Zandra since "she got in with the Gabor clique, she's fine".

Lorraine Returns

After being kicked out of her apartment, Lorraine returns and is looking to move in with Lyle and Karen. Karen does not want her to move in, but Lyle turns on his charm and Karen agrees to have Lorraine stay with them.

There is conflict right from the start since Lorraine is acting like a spoiled brat, because of their fragile relationship, Lyle gives into her every demand. Karen sees what is happening and is not happy at all, so she gives him some child-rearing advice consisting of "saying no" to Lorraine and to give her some discipline.





  • Lorraine's involvement with Taboo the Boy George musical. Simply Red and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
  • After Jack introduces his friends to Zandra, Will mentions the time he attended one of her classes in the episode Prison Blues which helped him overcome his fear of speaking in front of a camera.

Cultural references

  • Karen and Lyle sing an impromptu version of "Something Good" from the musical film The Sound of Music (1961).
  • Karen again insists that Lorraine is scared of toothbrushes because of the stereotype that British people have bad oral hygiene. She first implies this in Dames at Sea. Later she calls Lorraine "Lady McBreath" because of her acting.
  • Jack and Karen tell a gender-confused version of the 1982 film An Officer and a Gentleman.


He's back, he's moved in, and we're shagging like two lieutenants after lights out. Karen

Oh, Zandra! I wish everybody who died in that bed had your sense of humor. Jack

Lyle:But how do I discipline a 32 year old woman?
Karen:Pretend she's two 16 year olds.
Karen and Lyle discussing Lorraine

I don't want to see a 60 year old man making out with my father Lorrainewalking in on Karen and Lyle kissing

The streets are really tough out there for a boy alone.
Ironically, they're tougher for two boys together.