Field of Queens is the 12th episode of the fifth season and 110th overall.

Karen goes on a date for the firs time in years while Jack and Will join a gay soccer team.


Karen and Milo

Ep 05 12-1


Karen is smitten by a charming restaurant owner named Milo. She asks him out on a date and they spend a romantic night together after which he tells her he would call. Three days later, Milo has not called yet which worries Grace that Karen might get her heart broken. Grace goes to Milo's restaurant to confront him and realizes he is not really interested in Karen because she is "too old" and has no intention of calling her again. To prevent Karen from being strung along, Grace tells her about Milo and comforts her. They confide in each other how their lives as a single and a married woman have switched.

Gay soccer

Ep 05 12-0

I give up. I throw up my hands and jut out my hip.

Jack signs himself and Will to a gay soccer team, thinking all they do is "compare Tony predictions". Jack does well but Will struggles with sports and plans to quit until he realizes Jack's son Elliot looks up to him trying despite being bad at it. Will agrees to stay on the team as an example to Elliot but only goes to the games to have picnics on the benches.

When one of the players gets badly injured, Will is called in to the field. As he tries to run away from the soccer ball, he slips and accidentally performs an overhead kick, scoring for the team and winning the game.






  • This is the first time Karen is seen on a date since she was married at the beginning of the series.

Cultural references

  • Will refers to the soccer team captain as Captain Kirk and asks him who to play first: the Romulans or the Klingons, referencing Will's fanaticism of Star Trek. Will also does an impression of William Shatner who played Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series and subsquent films.
  • Karen mentions the then-beginning of the Iraq War under President Bush.
  • Will likens his asymmetrical face to the works of artist Pablo Picasso, famous for his works on cubism.
  • During huddle, the gay team shout "Neiman Marcus!", the popular American department store brand.


Gay soccer isn't sports, silly. It's cute guys in shorts runnin' around kickin' balls. It's a gay bar on astro-turf. Jack

How do you expect to earn anyone's trust, if you don't keep your word? Could we believe anything you say? I mean, look, it says that the special of the night is monkfish cooked in a saffron sauce. Is it? Or is it just a giant turd cooked in poison? Graceconfronting Milo

Was he sweet? Was he charming? Does he have a gay brother? Or better yet, does he have a straight brother who drinks a lot? Jack

Look at my nose! My whole face is thrown off now. It's completely asymmetrical. I'm like a Picasso. Or Shannen Doherty. Willon his soccer injuries

And this is Red, Homo, Homo, and Boy. Karenintroducing Grace, Jack, Will and Elliot, respectively

It was amazing. We talked. We laughed. He walked me home. He was such a gentleman. He opened the door for me. I opened my shirt for him. Karenabout her date with Milo

These guys are tough. But if we can beat this hetero team, we may one day achieve our dream of beating the lesbians. Kirk

Grace:You know, it's strange how things have changed for the two of us over the last year. I'm a married lady giving out dating advice. Now you're the single girl, starting your life over. I like it.
Karen:I hate it.
Both:I know you do.
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