FYI: I Hurt, Too is the 1st episode of the seventh season and the 140th overall.


Grace, in her fury, raids Leo's apartment when he's at work during the day. Leo finally comes over to Will's to talk to Grace, and even though she yells at him and gives him his ring back, she realizes that she's miserable without him. Against Will's advice, she decides to give Leo a second chance, but after one awkward night out to dinner with their friends, Grace realizes she can't make it work and admits that her marriage is completely over. Jack, who is now good friends with Jennifer Lopez, makes the mistake of giving her a song written by Karen at the exact wrong time. Jennifer fires Jack, but because she still likes him as a friend, gets him a job dancing for Janet Jackson.





  • After Debra Messing gave birth to her first child in the spring of 2004, and after a 4-episode hiatus, she finally returned to the show, at the start of this season.
  • Jack mentions that he and Stuart have broken up because Jack cheated.
  • Karen and Lyle Finster split up after 20 minutes of marriage.
  • Alex Herschlag and Dave Flebotte took over the Executive Producer/showrunner positions.
  • A soundtrack CD and a book were released the same week.
  • Prior to this episode, all four main characters were depicted as being in established relationships. By the end of this episode, it becomes evident that only Will's relationship (with Vince) survived to Season 7.


Grace:Beef can change.
Will:Really? You honestly trust that something that, that hurt you so bad once isn't gonna do it again?
Leo:Peking duck looks good and it's not a metaphor for anything.
Grace:How am I supposed to know if it's gonna make me sick again unless I give the beef a second chance?
Will:Fine, fine, order the beef. Don't expect me to pick up the pieces.
Harry:Can... can the beef say something?
Ordering food while discussing Leo's infidelity
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