Dorleen is Jack's boss at Barneys New York.


Dorleen is introduced shortly after Jack started working at the men's section at Barney's New York Department Store, where she works as floor manager.

Catty and fierce, she initially refuses when Jack asks to take Friday off for his acting class. She agrees to let him go however, after he sets her up with Will, whom she finds attractive but is oblivious to his homosexuality. Jack misleads Dorleen to think Will is straight, and lies to Will saying that Dorleen is eyeing on him to be a model for the catalog. Everything turns bad for Jack after both of them find out and Dorleen demotes him to be the hand cream guy, which according to him is "the lowest form of life at Barneys".[1]

In Jingle Balls, Dorleen hopelessly accepts Jack offer to design a window at the store for Christmas, since it is one of the smaller windows "on the part of the sidewalk that smells like urine and pretzels". Jack gives her a preview of his idea, which includes Karen in a skimpy Santa outfit and a whip, and men in briefs. Dorleen is infuriated by this and threatens to fire Jack if he doesn't fix it. Grace later secretly does the window for Jack, which Dorleen loved, describing it as "dark", "glam", and "sad" and perfect for Christmas.

Jack learns later that Dorleen is in rehab and her position as floor manager is offered to him.[2]


Ugh. Gays. They're just as bad as women. When her designer "threw a sissy fit and took off to Belize"Jingle Balls

If you ever ask me for another Friday night off, I'll go ape on your ass. I'm serious. I will scratch your eyes out. Loose Lips Sink Relationships

It's dark. It's glam. It's sad. It's Christmas. on Grace's Christmas windowJingle Balls

Dorleen:You get me a date with your friend Will, and I'll give you Friday night off to embarrass yourself at that stupid little skit show.
Jack:That's so sweet. Thank you, Dorleen.
Loose Lips Sink Relationships

Oh, god! I'm so embarrassed. I feel like I threw up a little bit. Loose Lips Sink Relationships

Are they anybody, or are they just customers? meeting Karen and GraceJingle Balls

Jack:You look pretty. You look gorgeous. You look beautiful. That dress is a total booby trap.
Dorleen:You can't borrow it.
Jingle Balls

You have 24 hours to get this right, or not only will I fire you;
I will rehire you, pull your hair, and fire you again!
After Jack messes up the window displayJingle Balls


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