Deirdre and Monet are a lesbian couple who become arch rivals to Will and Grace's apartment flipping business in Season 6.


Known as "The Flipping Dykes", Deirdre and Monet are proprietors of an apartment-flipping business called D&M Properties on the East Side of Manhattan. As Monet handles interior design, Deirdre presumably handles real estate.

Deirdre is shown to be dominant and possessive of Monet, controlling even and chastising her for showing attraction towards men.

East Side Story

Deirdre and Monet cross paths with Will and Grace when they steal Grace's Aunt Honey's patronage, sparking a rivalry.

Sensing that Monet is bisexual and is attracted to men, Will and Grace try to take advantage of this by seducing her and effectively sabotage her partnership with Deirdre. The plan fails, however as Deirdre also tries the same plan on Grace. When their respective partners find out, the four end up in a fight but ultimately resolve the conflict by leaving each other's businesses to their respective territories.


  • It is implied that Deirdre once had an affair with Karen while she was still engaged.


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