Danny is Grace's ex-fiancé whom she left at the altar during the pilot episode. He later marries Sarah.


Relationship with Grace

Danny has been dating Grace for two years[1] at the start of the series. Grace's best friend Will mentions that in their relationship, Danny used to be the "gardener" who tends to the "flower" which is Grace, meaning he is a devoted boyfriend[2]. Although Grace expresses how special Danny can make her feel[3], Will has a different view of the relationship, saying Danny is not passionate, is passive-aggressive, and that she deserves someone more.

In 1998, following a fight about work, Danny proposes to Grace. She agrees to marry him but right before the ceremony, Grace breaks up with him (while still in her wedding dress nonetheless), mainly because of Will's opinion that Danny is not good enough for her.[4]

A year later, Grace and Danny start seeing each other again. She tries to keep the relationship secret from Will but he finds out anyway when Danny leaves a message at her apartment. Knowing Will's opinion of him has not changed, Grace breaks up with Danny before things get serious again. This event triggers the two friends to realize their unhealthy co-dependence with each other so Grace decides to move out afterwards.[5]

Three years later, Danny invites Grace to his wedding to Sarah. After Grace roasts Danny during the rehearsal dinner for his immaturity, Sarah backs out and decides to call off the wedding. Fortunately before Danny gets to learn of this, Grace talks her back into marrying.[6]


Danny is described as a "football-watching, steak knife-giving, I-gotta-blow-outta-here frat boy" because of his laid-back and brassy personality. During his wedding, Grace admits that Danny can be childish and immature, but he is a really good and sweet guy.



I forgot that to have a relationship with Grace, is to have a relationship with Will and Grace. It was always a threesome, and not the good kind. Object of My Rejection


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