Dr. Danielle "Dani" Morty is a doctor who works with Leo at Doctors Without Borders.


Meeting Grace

Danielle has only been mentioned by Leo to Grace as a colleague he is going Guatemala with, somehow giving her the impression that "Dr. Morty" is an "old blotchy Jew" and is male. Grace and her friends finally get to meet Danielle when she delivers Leo's itinerary to Karen's mansion after Stan's funeral. After she leaves, Will, Jack, and Karen all agree that Danielle is extremely attractive, making Grace feel insecure about her relationship with her husband.[1]

After Leo leaves for Guatemala, Grace rummages through the duffel bug he left behind and finds a romantic letter from Dr. Morty, admitting how much she wants Leo. He however gets sent back to the US because of the papers he left on his bag and after Leo decides to stay for good[2], Danielle never got the chance to make a move.



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