Dames at Sea is the 1st episode of the sixth season and 117th overall. The events pick up from the last scenes of season 5.

Jack and Will wake up next to each other in bed, naked. Grace finds Dr. Morty's love letter for her husband and decides to sail for Guatemala. Karen and Rosario return to the yacht after being pushed off of it.


Talk to the boob!

Ep 06 01-0

Hang on, Rosie!

After being pushed off the boat by Lorraine Finster during an argument over Stan's inheritance and spending the night on a Russian freighter with "300 filthy sailors and a unisex bathroom", Karen returns to her yacht with Rosario, who jumped in after her and saved her life.

In exchange for turning her support hose into a life vest and using her bra as a sail to save Karen, Rosario is asking for one Friday off a month. Later Karen finds herself in a difficult position and Rosario saves her life again.

Nothing happened!

Will and Jack are finding it difficult to be with each other after waking up naked on a bed after a night of drinking, unsure if something had happened between them.

Thinking the other has been harboring romantic feelings for the other, Will and Jack each decide to let the other down easy. Will says that they should be honest in order to save their friendship so they admit to having been attracted to each other at one point in the past. However, Karen comes in and tells them that the surveillance video from the yacht show nothing actually happened between them.

I'm on the other side of the door!

Grace's worries are put to rest when she finds out her husband never made it to Guatemala and his colleague who wrote a love letter for him never made her move. Leo reaffirms to her that Grace has nothing to worry about but informs her that he will still fulfill his duties and leave for Guatemala. The next day, he leaves a letter to Grace instructing her to read it before she goes to sleep but as he expects, Grace reads it as soon as he leaves. Leo tells her he has given up Doctors Without Borders and is actually waiting outside the door to stay with her.






Deleted Scenes from S6 Episode 1

Deleted Scenes from S6 Episode 1

Deleted Scenes

Will & Grace - Did Will and Jack Hook Up? (Highlight)

Will & Grace - Did Will and Jack Hook Up? (Highlight)



  • Title is a reference to the musical of the same name.
  • Jet Ski is actually a brand name of watercraft; "ski" is of Norwegian origin meaning "stick".
  • While Karen and Rosario are riding the Jet Ski, the theme from Charlie's Angels is heard.
  • Being one of the super-sized episodes, several scenes were cut from the episode during syndication.


When we get to St. Barts, I am buying myself an EPT. And so help me, if that stick is blue.. I am not going through this alone. Not again. Jack

Grace:I just wish I knew some voodoo so I could cast a spell on her and turn her into a ferret.
Will:Yeah, that's pretty much your only option.

This morning, we swiped their jet ski. That's Russian for jet ski. Karen

Will:I think Jack may have feelings for me.
Grace:Of course he does. He's always had a thing for you. And now you tossed him a bone... Or he tossed you a bone. I wasn't there, I don't know what happened.

I can't believe I was in bed with Will. When I woke up and saw that olive skin and that furry body, I thought, "Please, God, let it be a giant furry olive." Jack

You're two hot people down in the sunny tropics with nothing else to do but have sex. I know. I've been to Daytona twice. Grace

Leo:Doctors Without Borders is there to prevent an entire population from being annihilated by infectious diseases.
Grace:Yeah, for, like, 20 minutes a day. Then it's Doctors Without Bottoms.

Dear Grace, I can't believe I'm saying good-bye to you again. Last night, I was watching you sleep. And, well, it just made me realize it's so much better than sleeping next to a picture. If you're reading this, you're probably in your nightgown ready to crawl into bed... or it's been 30 seconds and you're in the same outfit because you can't follow a simple instruction. Either way, I'm not leaving. I'm giving up Doctors Without Borders. I'm on the other side of the door. Leochoosing his wife over Doctors Without Borders

You know, all I could think about since I left was one of your home cooked meals... so let's go upstairs and have sex. Leo

Karen:But I just saved her life.
Will:Holding a toaster over the bathtub and not dropping it is not saving her life.
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