Clyde is a man whom Will befriends while volunteering for Project Angel Foods.


It is implied that Clyde is a veteran of the Korean War. When he was younger, Clyde was married to a doctor who traveled a lot for work. After she cheated on him with a colleague, Clyde ended the marriage and he has been on his own ever since.

Clyde now lives alone in a "crummy" apartment with a 19-year-old cat, who is either "really sleepy or long dead". He mentions that he is so lonely that he leaves his door unlocked in hopes of getting robbed.

Project Angel Food

When Will starts delivering food to the elderly for Project Angel Foods, Clyde is one of the people he becomes close with, particularly because he mistakes Clyde to be gay and sees his future self in him. As a treat, Will takes Clyde to game night with Grace, Ellen, and Larry. However, Grace soon becomes irritated that Clyde is ruining game night. Will and his friends later learn that Clyde is not gay and that his life, particularly his marriage has been similar to that of Grace's, even sharing similar traits with her such as being stingy.


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