Claire is Will's best friend in high school whom she also dated prior to him coming out of the closet.


As Claire was Will's girlfriend and closest friend prior to coming out, he describes her as his "Grace before [he] met Grace".

Claire recalls that she first knew of Will's sexuality after their senior prom when she tried to kiss him while they drove at the beach, to which Will reacted in panic and crashed the car.

Claire and Will would later come to terms and remain as friends, just as he and Grace did after finding out about his homosexuality. She now works in fashion and lives in Paris.

Seeds of Discontent

Years later, Claire would come visit Will in New York and ask him if he is interested in donating sperm so she can have a baby via in vitro fertilization. Knowing Claire will be a great mother, Will agrees but later changes his mind after Grace intervenes and he realizes if he does want to have a baby, he wants to have it with Grace.

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