Cher is American singer and actress whom Jack worships. She appears as herself in Season 3 where Jack mistakes her for a drag queen. She later appears as personification of God in Jack's dream in Season 4.


As herself

In the episode Gypsies, Tramps and Weed, Jack who idolizes Cher gets a Cher doll whom he talks to, plays with and carries around as if the real Cher, even asking for a separate seat for her at the restaurant. At the end of the episode, Cher appears behind him at the restaurant, stating how weird Jack is for talking to her doll. Jack, however, does not recognize her and dismisses her as a drag queen with a "flawless" Cher look on. Before she leaves, she sings one line from If I Could Turn Back Time but Jack, still oblivious, corrects her impersonation and sings a "better Cher" version. She slaps him, telling him to "snap out of it" and walks out. Jack realizes who she really was and faints.

As God

Cher appears again during the Season 4 finale when Jack loses consciousness and dreams about being in heaven. Cher descends from a white staircase and Jack asks her if she is God. She answers "It depends on which bathhouse you pray at."

Cher encourages Jack, who has recently been promoted at his work in retail, to "follow [his] bliss" and never stop pursuing his dream of a career in entertainment. She mentions going through rejections herself (as Cher) and winning the Oscar for her 1987 film Moonstruck to inspire Jack, before performing a few lines from her 2002 single A Different Kind of Love Song. Motivated to perform again, Jack decides to run to his audition after waking up from the dream.



Cher:You know, dude, it is a little weird that you're talking to my doll.
Jack:I don't think I need a drag queen to define normal behavior, ok? But I will say this. The look? It's flawless.
Jack:Ooh, workin' the attitude. Okay, you're good.
Cher:I've had a lot of practice.
Cher meets JackGypsies, Tramps and Weed
Cher:You know, don't talk to me about rejection, ok? I mean, look how many times I've gone down in flames. Remember, I lost the Oscar for Moonstruck.
Jack:But you won the Oscar for Moonstruck.
Cher:And don't you forget it.
"God" inspires JackA.I.: Artificial Insemination
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