Brothers, a Love Story is the 14th episode of the third season and 60th overall.


Will is torn over ending his newfound relationship with Matthew, a rising TV sportscaster who is extremely reluctant to let the world - especially his macho business associates - know about his sexual orientation, so he continues to refer to Will as his 'brother.' Meanwhile as Grace does her best to help Will decide, Karen is livid when she discovers that he helped draft her husband's will, which will award much of his estate to charity.




  • Patrick Dempsey (Matthew)
  • Dion Anderson (Harry Zalen)
  • Dennis Satterfield (Cook)
  • George Stults (Justin)
  • Matt Bellner (Towel Boy)


  • This episode ends the short relationship between Matt and Will, as the writing staff noted that Will having a boyfriend interested in sports would die out quickly. So in turn, Mutchnick and Kohan killed it off quickly.

Cultural references

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