Boardroom and a Parked Place is the 6th episode of the fifth season and the 104th overall.

Mr. Stein of Doucette & Stein comes back and Will finds himself caught in his boss' unhinged behavior. Karen moves out of her mansion and now lives in her limo.


Mr. Stein

Ep 05 06-1-0

Look at me! I'm nuts!

Ben Doucette's eccentric partner Mr. Stein, comes back from running the London office and takes over now that Doucette has retired. After their meeting, Will catches him crying in the men's room where he explains to Will that there is no London office and he was actually staying at a mental institution. Will kindly lends his help and covers for him and in return, Mr. Stein gives him special perks. Things get out of hand when people start to get fired in favor of Will.

That had better be your penis!

After catching his husband cheating on her, Karen moves out of the mansion. Jack and Grace discover that she had been living in her limo with Rosario. They offer their help but Karen is too proud to ask for it.





Cultural references

  • The Practice
  • Maury Povich and Connie Chung


Ep 05 06-1


Will:So don't lecture me on ethics, Eugene. I don't care if there is no precedent. If we don't put ourselves on the line for this guy, he's gonna fry, and I will not have that on my conscience! And then Lara Flynn Boyle comes in and totally shuts him down.
Roz:I love "The Practice."
Will:It's so good. Anyway, back to business. Show of hands. All those in favor of going to Beefsteak Charlie's for Sarah's birthday?
Will conducting a meeting
Roz:You got Sarah fired. She was like a grandmother to me.
Will:Well, now you can visit her twice a year like you do your real grandmother!

This pressure's too much. I can't handle it alone. Look at me. I'm nuts! Mr. Stein

Will:Mr. Stein, what's wrong?
Mr. Stein:Nothing. Can't a senior partner crouch on top of a toilet if he wants to?
Will:Of course. Crouching's fine. It was the whimpering that threw me.

If I gave in to every persuasive argument, I'd be in some crazy three-way marriage with Maury Povich and Connie Chung! Karen

The only reason to spend a night in a limo is if the drummer in your prom band dropped a Quaalude in your Fresca. Grace

Mr. Stein:You know, just between you and me, I wasn't ready to come back now. I know that. But when Doucette left, I had to, to save the company. I mean, it's "Doucette and Stein". If there's no Doucette, no Stein, what's the company gonna be called?
Grace:Hey, are you wearing smarty-pants? 'Cause that's a pretty good plan.
Jack:Well, maybe not smarty-pants, but perhaps a witty thong.
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