Birds of a Feather Boa is the 7th episode of the eighth season and 177th overall.

Will and Jack pair up to help two gay penguins from being separated at the zoo. Grace and Karen are invited to the funeral of Beverly Leslie's wife and accidentally get stuck.


Gay penguins at the zoo

Due to the emerging success of Jack Talk, Jack decides to move to a bigger place. While looking for a new apartment, he and Will stop by the zoo to visit two gay penguins who are apparently being separated to mate with females penguins. A protester tells Will that the penguin who gets left behind will eventually pine over the other and wither. Will realizes that his situation with Jack are the same with that of the two penguins.

Gay penguins at the funeral

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Guess we're doing kooky first.

While Grace is trying to shop for a dress to wear on her Christmas postcard, she and Karen learn that Beverly Leslie's wife has died. He invites them to the funeral, which according to him is a "celebration of her death... life!".

At Beverly's mansion, Grace finally finds the perfect dress—a vintage couture dress worn by Beverly's late wife. Grace tries it on to take a photo but Karen's shirt accidentally gets caught in the dress' zipper and the two attend the ceremony stuck together. Things get even more difficult for Grace when Beverly asks Karen to say a few words and she agrees.






Cultural references


Jack:The ratings for Jack Talk came in and we got a 17 rating and a 10 share.
Will:Yeah, in this case, that means 17 watched and 10 of them were dressed as Cher.
Jack:I just figured now that I'm getting more successful, I need to live in a place that feels successful.
Grace:Good for you, Jack. You should. And you know what? I'll decorate it for free.
Jack:Oh, no, that's okay.
Grace:No, I want to.
Jack:I heard you.
Beverly:I'm here to buy a dress to bury Crystal in.
Karen:Honey, I think maybe you should wear men's clothes for that.

I figured I'd spend it on an apartment or a whole lot of Jolly Ranchers. Not the candy. Jackon his savings

Beverly:Crystal thought so highly of you. We often discussed inviting you into our marriage in a sexual way.
Karen:That's so flattering. Although, I don't know if I could have operated a pump and a defibrillator at the same time.

You're like a rice cooker. It takes you a long time, but when it comes out, it's perfect. Will to Jack

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