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Beverley Leslie is a socialite frenemy of Karen Walker.


Beverley is married to Crystal (an unseen character), who supposedly dies in season 8, however in season 9, he reveals that she was revived by the dirt hitting her coffin.

Although he is seen in gay bars, and usually seen cuddling with his "business associates", he vehemently denies that he is gay and once was infuriated when Karen "insinuated" that he is homosexual[1]. He is a staunch Republican and has expressed disgust over homosexuality.

Beverley has been known to enter scenes saying a well-timed "Well, well, well".

Alternate future with Jack[]

In a drug induced dream Karen has, Jack agrees to be Beverley's lover be able to sustain Karen's lavish lifestyle after she had gone broke. Before they were about to consummate the relationship, Karen convinces Jack to run away because he does not love Beverley. After Jack leaves, Beverley gets blown away by the wind off the balcony of his apartment and dies, leaving his entire fortune to Jack. Karen later wakes up and Beverley is still alive.[2]

Relationship with Karen[]

Although she describes him as her "dearest white friend"[3], Karen and Beverley are always seen exchanging insults--her on his small stature, him on her addictions and failed relationships. They seem to belong in the same circle because of their status and often meet during social events.





Beverley:Your friend publicly insinuated that I was a homosexual.
Grace:... And?
Beverley's denial at being gay

Well, well, well. Entrance