Between a Rock and Harlin's Place is the fourth episode of the first season. The episode marks the first of Jack's shows, Just Jack.

Jack invites his friends to his one-man cabaret act called Just Jack. Will sets Grace up to design his client Harlin's new apartment.


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"Texas meets New York"

Will sets Grace up to design an apartment on the Upper East Side for Harlin, his biggest client who has recently separated from his wife. She is reluctant, however, knowing Will will not be able to control his obsessive nature and interfere. Will promises not to so she agrees. However, after seeing Grace's initial design—which includes taxidermized animals and fur upholstery—Will immediately voices out how insulting her design is for Harlin. Back at the apartment, Will informs her she has been fired and she blames Will.

At Jack's show, Will learns from Harlin that he actually liked Grace's design but decided to fire her because of the tension between the two of them and he did not want to cause trouble to their relationship as he is going through a separation himself.





Cultural references

  • Will says that it looked like Gene Autry "exploded" in Harlin's apartment. Autry was the famous "singing cowboy" during the 1940s, most remembered for his song "Back in the Saddle Again" (1939).
  • Jack was contemplating on whether to wear the "Peter Allen Copacabana sleeve" or the "Julie Newmar basic black". Peter Allen was an Australian singer who wrote the Oscar-winning song "Arthur's Theme". He performed at the Copacabana club in New York during the 1980s wearing an aloha shirt. Julie Newmar played Catwoman on the 1960s series Batman and wore the famous all-black catsuit. Jack is later seen in an all-black turtle neck, which means he chose the Julie Newmar look. Interestingly, Jack sings "Arthur's Theme" on his next show, Jack 2000.
  • When Will says that he can control his impulse to interfere with Grace's design, Grace refers to a "nice little place in the desert" founded by Betty Ford. She is referring to the Betty Ford Center, an addiction treatment clinic in Rancho Mirage, California.
  • Karen compares Jack's entrance to that of gameshow host Merv Griffin.
  • Karen suggests Jack do a sexy dance and he tells her "You're nasty, Miss Jackson", after Janet Jackson's song "Nasty" (1986). Jackson later appears in season 7.



Hey! Hey! It's not the Will & Grace show! It's called Just Jack! Jackafter Will and Grace's argument interrupts his song

Oh, darlin', whatever I don't get, I just figure is gay. Harlinabout Will

If you called me at work and I wasn't there, the answering machine would say, "Grace Adler Designs." If you opened my purse, my business card would say "Grace Adler Designs." Seems like the only person who doesn't know Grace Adler designs is her best friend. Let me introduce myself. I'm Grace Adler. I design! Grace

Harlin:You don't strike me as the assistant type.
Karen:Well, honey, behave yourself, and I won't have to strike you at all.
Jack:I've decided to take my career in a whole new direction.

I didn't design it for you, Will. I did it for a 6'4" man from Texas. If I was doing young gay lawyer, it'd be Deco with fear-based bitchy wallpaper. Graceon Harlin's apartment

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