Benjamin "Ben" Doucette is Will's employer at the law firm Doucette & Stein, appearing in the second and third seasons.


Ben is a successful lawyer, who has a deadpan sense of humor and often uses intimidation tactics to get his subordinates to comply with his requests. Will Truman, who knows of Ben's reputation describes him as a "killer".[1] Prior to entering law school, Ben was an award-winning chef, having studied in Provence, France[2] and spent a summer in a culinary institute in Hong Kong.[3]

Ben had been married twice: first, to a woman he describes as the love of his life, until her death; and then to a woman who reminded him of his first wife, which ended in divorce. He has two kids, one of whom is "crazy" about him and one who is not.[4]

In later episodes he exhibits a much warmer and friendly persona, especially with Grace, whom he eventually starts a relationship with.


Will Truman

In a seemingly test of character, Ben offers Will a job after the latter loses his own firm. Ben implies that he has been following Will's career prior to their meeting.

Grace Adler

Ben and Grace initially have a hostile relationship, but go on to have a no-strings-attached romance in the Season 2 finale. [4] They eventually become monogamous, although they break up later after realizing that they are not in love with each other.[5]


  • Ben is a talented cook, tap dancer[2], and racquetball player.[6]
  • Gregory Hines was set to return to the show, but died in 2003.
  • It is speculated that the character of Ben (Will and Vince's son) was named after this character in honor of Gregory Hines.
  • Ben Doucette is one half of Doucette & Stein, the other being Mr. Stein introduced in the fifth season, played by Gene Wilder.



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