Bad Blood is the 15th episode of the tenth season and 225th overall which was aired from NBC on March 14, 2019.


Martin and Marilyn join Will and Grace for dinner. Martin gets rushed to hospital and needs a blood transfusion, but refuses to accept one from Will. Grace is incensed, but Will lets it lie because he is tired of fighting for his rights and dignity. When Marilyn finds out, she chastises Martin for his behavior and Will for giving up. Will explains to Martin the state of gay men's health; Martin apologizes and tells Will he loves him. Marilyn allows Grace to call her "mom," conditionally. Meanwhile, Karen is paying for Jack's wedding, but uses that to monopolize the planning. When she refuses a tacky unicorn-themed dessert station, and also alters his play, Jack dis-invites her from the wedding and refuses her financial support. After Karen tells Jack he is like a little sister to her, they reconcile; he accepts her offer to pay for the wedding, including the dessert station.







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