Aunt Honey is Grace's aunt who was also a client at Will's law firm.


Aunt Honey is one of Grace's aunts she mentions frequently throughout the series, though she only appears in one episode. Though it is never mentioned if they were related by blood, she and Grace were close.Grace mentions that Aunt Honey used to kiss her in the tummy.[1]

It is also mentioned that Aunt Honey was a client at Will's law firm before he cut her off to prioritize his biggest client Harlin Polk[2].

During one Thanksgiving, Grace and her friends drop by Aunt Honey's house where Grace's mother Bobbi, and some friends and family are spending the holiday. Aunt Honey admits to Karen that she suffers back problems during  a round of "passionate lovemaking" with her super, Mr. Lopez and that her husband spent all of their entire life savings on a Toyota MR2.[3]

When Will and Grace start their apartment flipping business, Grace tries to take advantage of Aunt Honey by offering to buy her apartment to renovate it and sell it for a higher profit. Their plan is thwarted, however when rival flippers Deidre and Monet talk Aunt Honey out of the deal.[4]



Let's just say everything in the building is broken, but I still call him "super." How good the super is in bedMoveable Feast


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