Below is a list of animals who appear on the show.


Guapo is Jack's pet scarlet macaw whom he has described as his family.

Though Guapo's first "appearance" is during the pilot, his cage is covered and he is not actually seen until the second episode.

After Jack moves in with Rosario following their marriage, Guapo also starts living with them. In one occasion, he flees through the window when Karen opens it. Jack later finds Guapo sitting on the window sill but hides him in the closet to continue earning Karen's sympathy and gifts.


  • "Guapo" means "handsome" in Spanish.

Klaus Von Puppy

Klaus Von Puppy (sometimes spelled as Claus) is Will and Grace's Labrador adopted from the dog shelter. After Will becomes obsessively attached to him, they realize they could not devote enough time to look after him so they give him to Jack, who names him Klaus Von Puppy.[1]

In the second season, Klaus is shown to be living in Karen's penthouse with Jack, Rosario and Jack's pet bird Guapo.

He is last seen in the third season when Jack briefly moves back into Will's apartment (bringing Klaus von Puppy and Guapo with him) before eventually moving to apartment 9A across the hall. Neither Klaus von Puppy nor Guapo are seen or mentioned after this episode.



Chompers ("the Earl of Puppydom") is a teacup poodle which belonged to Stanley Walker's mistress Lorraine. Jack and Karen found him in the back of Stan's closet "living off of little bits of turkey he found in Stan's trouser cuffs." After Grace and Leo refuse to take him in, Leo's ex-girlfriend Diane adopts him and renames him "Will".


Lamar is Karen's horse she bought intending to use him to breed a stable full of horses. Jack named him after a sailor he met during Fleet Week.


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