Amber-Louise (real name Peg) is Jack's co-host on Jack Talk.


Amber-Louise is introduced to Jack as his new co-host when OutTV was bought by a large corporation. She appears to have a bubbly personality and speaks in a heavy Southern accent, although Jack mistakes her for being British. Britney Spears has described her as being very uppity and self-righteous.[1]

While Jack was promised nothing is going to change on his talk show, Amber-Louise surprises him and the audience by introducing a segment of her own called "Amber-Louise's Musings", discussing right-wing topics.

When Amber-Louise suggests more changes for the show, Jack shuts her down. She tells Jack that in order to succeed, he has to compromise like her then proceed to reveal that her real name is "Peg", and that she is "a hardcore lesbian" who is "into leather play, butch black girls, skunkin', pullin' the blinds, and poodle-ballin'".

Standing his ground, Jack protests the censorship of George Takei's sexuality on his show, and he quits on air and Amber-Louise becomes his permanent replacement.[2]


Hi! I'm Amber-Louise. So nice to meet you. God bless America. And by that, I mean all Americans. Even the ones that need to be jailed without due process now and then. Buy Buy Baby

Look at me. I clear a 165 dollars a week. I moved out of my storage unit. I'm on TV! I'm the freakin' dream! — Buy Buy Baby


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