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A Gay/December Romance is the twelfth episode of the sixth season and 134th overall.


Attending a local gallery opening, Will catches the eye of a rich plastic surgeon, who uses his vast fortune to provide the modest lawyer with a new level of material possessions. However, when Will realizes that he has become a "lady of leisure," he decides to confront his sugar daddy/boyfriend. Meanwhile, Grace's thirst for delectable Asian noodles sends her to a new local restaurant, but an argument with the owner prompts her to launch a boycott of the establishment.




  • Hal Linden (Alan Mills)
  • Keone Young (Happy Noodles Owner)
  • Don Perry (Bertram)
  • John O'Brien (Man)
  • Paul Witten (Gallery Owner)
  • Brandon Routh (Sebastian)


  • The two galleries, the Zelman and Offerman, are named for Debra and Megan's husbands (Daniel Zelman and Nick Offerman).
  • The noodle incident actually happened to series writer/producer Bill Wrubel. They wanted to charge him for new noodles after they dropped on the floor and he and his friends boycotted the restaurant; he saw his friends eating there two days later.


Honey, these noodles are terrif'. And that's a big compliment coming from me. I'm Asian. Karen

So, Ellen, swear that you will never eat at Happy Noodles again. Swear on your mother's life. ...Oh, when did that happen? Graceon the phone to Ellen

Will:You give me all this stuff. Maybe you're expecting something in return.
Will:Something... more than a handshake.
Al:A hug?
Will:A hug... with friction.