24 is the 24th (and season finale) episode of the fifth season and 116th overall.

Will, Jack and Grace join Karen in scattering Stan's ashes in the Caribbean.


After Stan's funeral, Karen and her friends go the mansion where she announces that she will be going to St. Barts to scatter Stanley's ashes. Will and Jack join her, as well as Grace who was supposed to go to Guatemala with her husband, but confesses she would rather be on Karen's yacht at the Caribbean.

Dr. Morty

Danielle "Dani" Morty, Leo's gorgeous colleague at Doctors Without Borders drops by to deliver his papers for their trip to Guatemala. Grace who thought Dani was an old Jewish male doctor, immediately gets jealous when she turns out to be young and sexy. Leo reassures her that he and Dani are just friends. The next morning, Grace rummages through Leo's bag he had left behind and finds a letter from Dr. Morty confessing her attraction to him and her willingness to do anything with him in Guatemala.

Off the boat

As Karen was having a moment with Stan's ashes, Lorraine comes in, having stowed away. For a moment, they share a solemn remembrance of Stan which abruptly ends when Lorraine demands some of the inheritance Stan has given to Karen on his will. Karen refuses so Lorraine pushes her off the yacht before Rosario jumps into the water save her. Karen and Rosario end up in a Russian cargo freighter delivering Stolichnaya.

"Crocodile Rock"

While sunbathing on Karen's yacht, Jack ridiculously accuses Will of setting everything up to seduce him. They start drinking at the bar while singing to Crocodile Rock by Elton John, oblivious to Karen and Lorraine fighting behind them. The two end up getting drunk and waking up beside each other naked in Will's bed. They see each other and scream.






  • Karen's incompetent limo driver whom she fired in Yours, Mine or Ours appears again as the captain of her boat.
  • Will and Jack sing to Crocodile Rock by Elton John who appears earlier in the season as the head of the "gay mafia".
  • Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry appear in this episode as a close friend of Karen and Stan. She is mentioned earlier as being a client of Karen's divorce attorney Jason Towne.


You go have fun in your jacuzzi, and your crêpes, and your shopping. I'll be fine... sleeping in my own filth and waiting for food to drop down from the sky. Grace

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