23 is the 23rd episode of the fifth season and 115th overall.

Stanley dies during his and Karen's divorce. She asks to see his will, fearing he might have left everything to his mistress Lorraine.


As Karen complains about the divorce proceedings have been, Rosario rushes in to announce that Stan is dead, apparently while having sex with his mistress.

During Stan's funeral, Leo gets a call from Doctors Without Borders inviting him to help set up a clinic in Guatemala. He asks Grace to come and live with him there and she accepts, though she is oblivious where it is and what life is like there.

Karen learns that Stanley recently made changes to his last will and testament, and that Lorraine could have persuaded him to leave everything to herself. Karen ends the funeral immediately and has Will as Stan's lawyer read the revised will.

Stan leaves his kids parts of his meat room, mustard to a Chinese restaurant, Grace (calling her Grape Antler) an oil-painting of Karen; $20,000 to Will and Jack for them to get married; and $10 million to Rosario, which she will get after 20 more years of service to Karen. Stanley left the remainder of his estate, which includes the entirety of his financial holdings to Karen. He only left "Ta" for Lorraine, upsetting her.






  • Rosario is wearing a black Member's Only jacket during Stan's funeral rather than her usual burgundy.
  • One of Karen's staff back-up maid (named Letty) is introduced.
  • Stan's sister Kimmy is introduced but her scenes were cut out in syndication.
  • Grace thinks Guatemala is in Africa and in Spain.
  • Before the will reading, Jack chats with both Lorraine and Karen.

Cultural references

  • Will compares Karen and Walker Inc. to actress Joan Crawford, who was associated with the Pepsi Cola company due to her marriage to the company president Alfred Steele.
  • Will calls Grace's cooking Chef Boy-are-you-lazy, a play on canned pasta brand Chef Boyardee.
  • Jack says that they hate the know-it-all daughter on The Gilmore Girls Rory Gilmore played by Alexis Bledel.


A yay is better from a gay. Jack

Lorraine:Pssst. I'd like you to have all your things out by tomorrow morning, all right?
Karen:Oh, okay. Oh, pssst. I'd like you to eat me.

I'm feeling so many emotions... Loss, anger, sadness. Knowing how much money I'm getting would really snap all of that into focus. KarenAsking to see Stanley's will

Well, well, well. Looked what my husband's cash dragged in. KarenAs Lorraine arrives

My Stanley really loved me. That's what all that money means, you know. That's how you tell someone you love them. KarenAfter getting Stan's estate

Baby, I want you to come. This is what I do. And you're... you're who I do. I just wanna be able to do who I do, while I do what I do. LeoAsking Grace to come with him to Guatemala

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